Thank you for all the love about my project:) I have more to show you but  I think I'm going to interrupt all this "before and after" so I can show you what I saw at Scott's last week!  

I can't get there as much as I would like but I have a bedroom install tomorrow and I needed a few things for the "gob" of bookcases this room has.

Here are the fabrics.....

The first thing I needed was a rug and I was lucky to stumble across this beauty......

This is a huge bedroom and there is a sitting area with a sofa and 2 chairs.  We were going to do patterned wall to wall [see above] but we needed something that was good for pets so that changed to a solid**.  This will help to define the seating area now!

**Design is not all about beauty.  Function plays a huge part of pulling a room together.

I picked up this one for the master bath....

Here are a few other ones I saw....

The good thing is that most of the vendors are local so if a rug doesn't workout out they will exchange.  A big advantage!

I picked up a few pretty beads in the right colors....

And I saw this mirror that I want to use over the dresser below......It's kind of like art and mirror all in one!  The colors are perfect!

I'm excited to see this one come is the pretty bedding...the gorgeous Matouk duvet on the left.

Love this vendor with all of this blue and white!  

Saw this great fireplace mantel

And you know I can't resist an old bench.....wish I had a space for this in my house somewhere.

There were 2 of these painted dressers....sold....somebody scored!

Pink is still going strong everywhere!

Is copper still a thing?

I picked up this necklace which had my name on it....agree?

Well....I wrote this on Tuesday [trying to be so organized] and surprise Atlanta has a snow storm Wednesday night!

Normally it would have melted in a day but we were having temps like we lived in Antarctica so I had to cancel my Thursday installation....which will now happen on Saturday!

Before I leave.....I want to share this art with you.  Photographer Owen Masterson has created these block art modern sculptures and I am smitten!

Go to om.woodart  on Instagram to see more! is no secret that I don't really.  I always say my kitchen is just for resale.

Since it's January I have been really cutting back the calories which includes libations :( and food.  I have been trolling the grocery store like it's my job looking for quick + low calorie solutions.

I picked up this little number and it wasn't bad.  My thought after I ate the first one was the next time I will add a little ground turkey to it.....although that would involve cooking.... so prob won't happen. is spicy!

Alrighty then....kisses to all of you!



Well.....well....well!  Somebody is actually reading my blog!  You guys were commenting like it was 2014:)

I am so proud of this project and could not be happier that it was published in Southern Homes.  It was a perfect fit for their Before and After issue.

Just to review...... my clients had lived in this house for over 20 years and raised their 3 children there.  It is in a great location and after looking for a new house [with no luck] they decided to do the renovation.

After it was all done there was not one inch that wasn't updated including the whole unbuilt space downstairs adding a bedroom, bath, office another family room, sitting area, 1/2 bath, and gym! I am showing you the living room/dining room which were 2 rooms before and now have been opened up to one large space.

Right behind the kitchen was the DR 



2 doorways were added into the kitchen/family room.  The bookcases were also taken out.

She opted for a more casual space and the Charles Stewart dining chairs are covered in performance fabric!

One of my favorite things is the makeover of the fireplace including the antique mirror over the mantel.

Circa Lighting chandelier


Before of the living room

As you can see there were doors in-between the DR/LR.  We also changed the windows and got rid of the arches for a more streamline look.

Love this Lee Jofa trim....which helped to define the white curtains from the white walls.....Benjamin Moore White Dove

After.....same direction view.  Circa Lighting fixtures

All upholstery is Charles Stewart.  Paint color Benjamin Moore White Dove.

This became a long room and I wanted to add some of the bookcases back for texture.



I decided to frame them around the sofa.

As I said in the first post we re-used most of the clients art which had been collected over the years from their travels.....

You can see here it is all one space now....

I think this was the day I found this awesome coffee table from Bungalow Classic.

It was perfect for the space.

I really tried to give her a classic look....something that would stand the test of time....using as many of her accessories and such as I could so it would feel like home.

Architect: Linda Macarthur 
Builder: Michael Ladisic

I managed to make it through the week without any incidents.....meaning no change of clothes in the middle of the day....hahaha

I did do something stupid like wear new shoes to the Mart one day and now I am sporting ugly blisters on both of my heels....which limits my shoe wearing at this time.

Crikey it's always something. are the three subscriptions!  Please email me with your address!

Regina S. said...

Oh my gosh this made my morning! I love how real you are! Love everything on this reno. I would love to read this magazine!

Scribbler said...

I love everything about this house that we see so far. Will we get to see the rest?

Angie Tyner said...
Bless your heart, haven't we all been there at one time in our lives! 😂Love your honesty and love everything you design. Keep it up!!!



It's hell getting old.  

The other day while I was out shopping for a client...... I had to pee so badly.

Since I was right near my house I decided to just go home to a clean [somewhat clean] bathroom.

As I turned down my street I took a sip of my Starbucks and it went down the wrong way....came out my nose....spilled all over my white shirt....and I started coughing so hard I peed in my pants.

Needless to say that little stop at home lasted somewhat longer than I planned since I had to change clothes.

Like I said.....

Have I mentioned how excited I am to have a project out in Southern Homes right now?

I loved working on this renovation with my favorite builder....Michael Ladisic and project manager Jennifer Tate was incredible and so helpful.

The client was a bright easy to work with....we became fast friends.

I have posted a little during this project a couple of years ago but today I can show you some images I had taken for my own portfolio [Rustic White Photography] mixed in with a few from the magazine [Marcy Simpson].

Starting today with the kitchen before and afters.....

Before of the kitchen space.....yep ready for a new look!


The architect [Linda MacArthur] was able to take out a back staircase to get more room for the butlers pantry back towards the right.  Those white chairs [Vanguard] are Sunbrella fabric and the pewter table is by Francoise and Co  The Circa Lighting Darlana pendants, cabinets painted Benjamin Moore White Dove.  Calcutta marble countertops [Construction Resources].

I know you remember those gorgeous Top Knob handles....they are my favorite!


This is my favorite shot!  We used a small herringbone marble backsplash from Renaissance Tile.  Rohl faucet. 
Notice the beautiful edging on the countertops....

Even though this is a white kitchen I feel like the wood tones, iron window and stone floors give it lots of warmth.

We picked the stone floors as the homeowner is an animal lover and has 2 dogs....and one very naughty cat:)  Much more forgiving than hardwoods!

The butlers pantry has Soapstone countertops and the black subway tile came from Renaissance Tile.


We added some shiplap to the fireplace and a stone mantel from Materials Marketing.  I really love the wood accents which look a little red here but in actuality are more of a driftwood color.

I only have one picture of the family room but we used the art that was formally over the FP mantel over the Charles Stewart sectional [Crypton fabric]

Lynn Terry, the Southern Homes editor, has offered me [ 3 ] one year subscriptions so leave a message and I will pick randomly!

So many more pictures of this project to share with you.

TGIF is my mantra today!


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