I'm pretty psyched that it's Friday!  It was a long HOT week here in Georgia......and after riding around all day for work.....I am arriving home exhausted.

Normally I would walk Cami around 4-5 pm and I'm having to wait until 7:30-8 because of the heat!

I also tried a new workout yesterday and whoa....I am feeling it this morning.

I think I will mix this in with my Orange Theory and spinning for some variety.

I have a few updates for you today on 2 projects.  It seems like once all the basics like furniture, rugs and lighting are in place it's the art that will help to define the space.

It usually takes some time to figure out what that should be.

For one project I turned to my friend Linda Donahue.

Here is the space!

And here is what will be going on the wall above.


Some of Linda's other work that can be found on Etsy.

I have been a big fan of her work for many years.

For the same project the powder room got wallpapered and it was a game changer.

You can see it has a slight metallic feel.....

In another project I found an artist who's work I have fallen in love with....Scott Herr.

Here is the dining room....all white with this gorgeous Circa Lighting chandelier.

This 4ft by 6ft beauty is going on the one solid wall....

I love all of his work....

I'm pretty pumped about both of these projects and can't wait to finish and get them photographed!

I mentioned that Cami was sick and got the news that peach pits contain cyanide....[WTH?] so after making some custom dog food [which did not seem to help this time] I headed to the vet. 
X ray's and blood work showed nothing but he said it was probably acid reflux.  


Pepcid at night before bed for 10 days.   Seems to be working.

Could have bought a designer purse for what that cost me.

Oh yeah...a couple of Netflix shows we have blown through....

Gypsy and Shooter

I have decided that Ryan Phillippe is kind of hot.
Both are very different shows.



It's been a busy weekend....the mart was open and I'm on overload with all the new product that is out there.

Cami had diarrhea so I had to make a batch of rice, turkey and veggies to try and get that situation under control.....

A few of you wanted to know where to get the dog fabric that I used for the curtains and pillow in the last post.

I'm gonna let you in on that secret....

But then I took it another step....cause....well I am here for you guys in such a big way:)

Except this one was for me.....Sheepies and coffee are 2 of my favorite things:)

I found these on Spoonflower!

Could you die!

My sister has a schnauzer!

For you cat lovers..... time you get upset with me cause I cuss or start defending faux flowers think back to this post and how I appealed to your softer side!

Next up is this designer I found on Instagram....and I think you will agree when I say she gets me.

Um......Cynthia Hayes 
This project is crazy good!

I love every single detail....white check......texture check.....BOOM!

I can't believe how much I love this backsplash.....

Do you agree? 

Get the look......


Sofa  New custom furniture line!
Coffee Table

Console Table

Just keeping it neutral like you would expect from me:)

Have a great week my friends.....



OK....back to all kinds of randomness today.  It's going to be a busy week because the Atlanta Market opened on Tuesday!

Yesterday I worked at Sudi's while she was at the Mart setting up....if you saw my Instastories then you already know that.  

I was bored so I went through every pillow and stacked them "color coded".


That took about 2 hours and I was sweating in the end:)  After she came back we decided she needed a few lumbars so that was where the fun began.

I got to go through all the fabrics and help put a few together!

That was heaven.....

And she finished up my cafe curtains for the Madison Project!

I was in Ralph Lauren at Lenox the other day and saw this gallery wall.....

It spanned three huge walls so if you live in Atlanta I suggest you get over there and see it!

And in other news I started putting together a basement design plan and got all crazy with color!
Totally not like me:)


I managed to make it to Scott's for a few hours last Thursday and saw these....

Hubba Hubba.....I forgot how much I loved white and gold together!

On my Manchester project I think we finally found a chandelier to go over the DR table....

I went to the mart and saw this beauty from Arteriors Home

She wanted "bling" and I think this meets the goal!

I hoofed it down to the Four Hands showroom to take a look at the table top....and it met my approval.

I saw this glass beauty at Arteriors and got all giddy....

As a designer my house is usually the last place things happen.  After the photoshoot last September I literally have not done a thing. 

But I did get a wild hair the other day and changed out my bedding for a summer look....

I ordered these Ryan Studio pillows at Highpoint.

And I know what you're thinking....she sure does love that dog fabric....

Why....yes I do!  Had this cute pillow made for a vintage chair recovered for a bathroom.

You are probably think this post is so lame....just short of showing pictures of toilet paper.

 If I throw in a picture of Camelot will you forgive me:)

That cute face managed to throw up on the bed 4 nights in a row last week.  It seems like grass, rocks and peach pits do not agree with her.

Who knew......#lifewithdogs


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